Safety Talk Bundle - ALL TALKS

Product Description

This bundle includes ALL of our safety talks in MS Word, PowerPoint for all presentations and handouts for in the field talks, along with all assessments and Answer Sheets.

Our safety talks can be edited to suit your needs or used as they are.  Below is a passage from the talk and you can view a preview of the talk in PDF:  TALK PREVIEW

All Safety Talks Bundle

NOTE:  The electronic bundle is a very large file - if you do not receive the bundle via email due to size restrictions please call us on 07 3184 8118 and quote your order number.  We will arrange an alternative download option for you.

Included in the bundle are all safety talks in the topic range.

Angle Grinders
Back Injury
Compressed Air safety
Compressed Gas Cylinders 
Controlling Bleeding
Driver Fatigue Snake Bites
Drugs and Alcohol
Duty of Care
Emergency Control and Response
Environmental Awareness
Excavation Work
Eye Damage Prevention
Eye Protection
Fall Arresters
Fire Equipment AU
Fitness for Work
Flammable Liquids
Hand Tools
Hazardous Substances
Heat Stress
Housekeeping - General
Incident Reporting
Job Safety Analysis
Make your Signs Effective
Manual Handling
Manual Handling Lifting  
Noise and Hearing Protection 
Occupational Overuse Syndrome 
Occupational Skin Disease
Oxy Cutting Equipment
Pneumatic Tools 
Portable Electrical Equipment 
Portable Ladders
Risk in the Office AU
Risk Management
Safety and Health Objectives
Safety Data Sheets [SDS]
Safety Signs
Skin Cancer
Slip and Trips in the Office Fire 
Spiders, Bee, Wasps and Mosquitos
Storing Flammables
Storing Hazardous Chemicals
Temporary Barricading
Tobacco Smoke Exposure
Tool Safety
Welding – Electric Rod
Work Fatigue
Working at Heights
Working in Confined Space
Working with Acids
Working with Slings
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