Planning a Lift Safety Talk

Product Description

This safety talk includes the full safety talk in MS Word, PowerPoint presentation and handouts for in the field talks, assessment and Answer Sheet.

Our safety talks can be edited to suit your needs or used as they are.  Below is a passage from the talk and you can view a preview of the talk in PDF:  TALK PREVIEW

Planning a Lift

Lifting items or equipment using mobile cranes, Hiab hoists, overhead travelling cranes and manual lifting equipment (chain blocks etc.), requires planning.

To ensure compatibility with the particular site or construction program, crane and lifting equipment selection is a major decision that requires careful investigation.

Site preparation and operations require detailed planning, design and execution.

Lifting can be grouped into three general categories:

• major lifts, involving heavy and multiple cranes;
• special lifts, which normally involve mobilisation of very heavy equipment for a short period of time; and
• repetitious, routine day to day work.

The risk of injury and equipment damage is high when using cranes. Specific training is required for many jobs and rigging licences are needed for certain activities.

This talk is intended as an awareness session aimed at preventing accidents when lifting items or equipment.


At the end of this talk you will know:
• how to determine the load mass;
• how to select the correct equipment and lifting gear;
• how to secure the lift area; and,
• how to maintain control of the lift.

As there are many types and styles of cranes in use, we will focus on the most common types.  The same considerations need to be made regardless of the size, type or style of crane being used.