Metal Machining Tools Safety Talk

Product Description

This safety talk includes the full safety talk in MS Word, PowerPoint presentation and handouts for in the field talks, assessment and Answer Sheet.

Our safety talks can be edited to suit your needs or used as they are.  Below is a passage from the talk and you can view a preview of the talk in PDF:  TALK PREVIEW

Metal Machining Tools

Metal machining tools includes all power driven machines that are used to shape or form metal.  There are approximately 200 different types of metal machining tools in use.  These can be grouped into five basic categories – turning, boring, milling, planning and grinding machines.

Only trained, qualified and competent people should operate these machines because of the hazards associated with high speed moving parts and sharp cutting edges.

Most injuries caused by metal machining tools are due to unsafe work practices or a failure to operate the machine according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

The injuries suffered through the incorrect use of these machines can be serious and sometimes fatal.


By the end of this talk you will understand:
• the hazards of this equipment;
• the Personal Protective Equipment you must wear;
• what to check before you operate the equipment; and
• how to safely operate the equipment.