Eye Damage Prevention Safety Talk

Product Description

This safety talk includes the full safety talk in MS Word, PowerPoint presentation and handouts for in the field talks, assessment and Answer Sheet.

Our safety talks can be edited to suit your needs or used as they are.  Below is a passage from the talk and you can view a preview of the talk in PDF:  TALK PREVIEW

Eye Damage Prevention

You only have one set of eyes so it is essential that you protect them from damage or loss.

It is your responsibility to look after your eyes.  Two ways of doing this are to keep your work area tidy and clean, which will reduce the risk of an accident, and to wear the correct protective equipment.

This safety talk will make you aware of how you can damage your eyes, so that you can take preventative measures.

To achieve this we will cover:
• how eye damage can occur;
• the different types of eye injuries;
• how to prevent eye damage by being aware of the hazards and risks involved in a task; and
• how to select the right Personal Protective Equipment for the job.