Angle Grinders Safety Talk

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This safety talk includes the full safety talk in MS Word, PowerPoint presentation and handouts for in the field talks, assessment and Answer Sheet.

Our safety talks can be edited to suit your needs or used as they are.  Below is a passage from the talk and you can view a preview of the talk in PDF:  TALK PREVIEW

Angle Grinders

The injuries resulting from the use of angle grinders are caused by:
• particles being thrown out from the grinding work;
• the grinding wheel breaking up or shattering; and
• contact between a revolving wheel and a person’s hand or another part of the body.
The most serious injuries involving angle grinders and abrasive wheels occur when the wheel shatters and flying fragments strike the operator or people who are close by.  In some cases this has resulted in a fatality when a person has had an artery severed by a flying piece of the wheel.