Fitness for Work Safety Talk

Product Description

This safety talk includes the full safety talk in MS Word, PowerPoint presentation and handouts for in the field talks, assessment and Answer Sheet.

Our safety talks can be edited to suit your needs or used as they are.  Below is a passage from the talk and you can view a preview of the talk in PDF:  TALK PREVIEW

Fitness for Work

Companies are committed to the Safety and Health of all individuals associated with their operations.  To achieve this they endeavour, through a process of education, awareness, assistance, referral to counselling and, if required, disciplinary procedures, to ensure that all individuals are fit for work and able to perform to standards set by the company while on site.

Many people don’t realise that they are breaking the law if they present themselves for work in an unfit state.

Employees have certain legal obligations with regard to their own safety and the safety of other people in their workplace.

As an employee, you need to understand that your ability to work to established standards and procedures set by the company could be affected by fatigue, stress, alcohol, prescription or illicit drugs.


By the end of this talk you will understand:
• the definition of “fit for work”;
• Duty of Care;
• consequences of coming to work in an unfit state;
• employee assistance programs; and
• testing procedures.