Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure

Product Description

All documents combined, Code of Conduct Policy, Procedure and Training presentation for your business to modify and implement.

Topics covered in the procedure and training package:

  1.  Introduction
  2. Purpose
  3. Scope of procedure
  4. Respect for others
  5. Expectations of workers
  6. Expectations of management and supervisors
  7. Confidential information
  8. Copyright, intellectual property and company information
  9. Identifying and managing a conflict of interests
  10. Conflict of interest - recruitment
  11. Declaring gifts or benefits
  12. Signing documents – digital and hardcopy
  13. Record keeping
  14. Appropriate use of electronic equipment and social media
  15. Communications – verbal and electronic
  16. Use of alcohol, drugs and tabacco
  17. Dress code
  18. Work area
  19. Reporting concerns of employee conduct
  20. Breaching the code of conduct
  21. General workplace etiquette