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Policies - Bundled

Health and Safety Policy

A health and safety policy to cover all the immediate requirements you will need to start your management system.


Communications Policy

A communications policy covering the critical business communication requirements and employee responsibility regarding usage of technology.


Privacy Policy Personal

A Personal Information Collection policy that applies to personal information collected by the [Company Name] directly from you, the consumer.

This policy is written for display for your customers to ensure they understand what you collect and how you keep is safe.


Privacy Policy Websites

A Privacy policy that applies to the collection of information via your website. This policy is written to display on your website for your customers to ensure they understand what you collect and how you keep is safe..


Equal Opportunity and Anti Discrimination Policy

An EEO policy that applies to all employees outlining your commitment and obligations.


Refund and Remedies Policy

A policy that outlines the requirements for customer refunds or to remedies complaints.

[Company Name] will always endeavour to provide a service of the highest quality and with genuine integrity. If at any time you, the consumer has a complaint about the service, please contact our management immediately. If we are unaware of your dissatisfaction we cannot rectify the situation


Security Policy

A policy that outlines the practices in place to ensure the security of staff visiting a client’s site or home.

[Company Name] takes the security of our staff and clients seriously. We are committed to ensuring our staff are safe at all times when on a client site and serious about client security of information and belongings or equipment.


Client Services Policy

A policy that outlines the commitment to customer services and customer satisfaction.

[Company Name] operates with integrity and honesty at all times and is committed to the provision of a reliable, excellent, high quality service to all of its clients. All services and processes are subject to continual assessment, review and on-going improvement. [Company Name] is committed to developing innovative methods and practices which enhance the quality of our products and services.


Environmental Policy

A quality policy that outlines the commitment Environmental Management and the systems that need to be implemented to ensure continuous improvement.

Our goal is to understand and meet our environmental obligations to our employees, our clients and the community, in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act, the Environmental Standard, AS/NZS ISO 14000, City Council Water Regulations, Water Commission Regulations, expectations of our clients, and requirements of our insurers.


Workplace Bullying Policy

The workplace bullying policy contains all the critical elements of your obligations you need to outline as part of your Workplace Bullying Management Process.

The document is in MS Word and can be edited to suit your specific business, although the bulk of the content is suitable for most industries.